What To Do In Case Of Not At Fault Accident

not at fault accident.

A car accident may happen anytime, anywhere and some are not at fault accident. It may occur regardless of you being the safest driver in town. Other drivers may be inexperienced, careless and roads may become dangerous especially during the bad weather, or you may be driving at the wrong time in the wrong place. Regardless of the situation, you need to remain calm and do the following things.

At the Accident Scene

When involved in any minor or severe accident you need to stop immediately at your spot, but if the damage is not so extensive, you can move the car on the roadside. It helps to prevent blocking of traffic, but it’s advisable to have all the evidence may be from front dash cameras. You can also take photos of your car and the scene for insurance car accidents claims.

If your car is intensively damaged and you can’t move it, put on the hazard lights and leave it on the accident move and also move aside to a safer place.

Always check out on the other parties involves assessing the damage caused if any. Ensure you get all the details of the party involved that including their name, license plate number, driving license number, address, insurance details and phone number.

Call for emergency services

In case there is anyone injured it’s advisable to ask for assistance immediately and also call emergency services. If the damage is severe call the police or if the other party involved do not corporate and refuses to give their details, or they refuse to stop. Sometimes you may require writing police report depending on the accident circumstances.

Call your Insurer Immediately

Every vehicle on the road has car insurance, and it’s advisable you contact them immediately. Call the insurance claim hotline for immediate assistance that includes towing of your car and also organizing your transport back home. Some insurance companies even give a replacement car until the damaged one is fixed. The information you need to give your insurer includes

  • Details of the accident car
  • You name license number, contact details, and the other involved party details
  • The other car details that provide for color, make, registration number and model
  • The other car and drivers insurance details
  • The accident summary including the place and time it happened.

You should avoid panicking, arguing with the other driver and driving off without checking for injuries or damages.